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Entrance to Littlethorpe village

Welcome to Littlethorpe
... creating a community

​St. Michael's Church

Welcome to St. Michael & All Angels

Holy Eucharist is held every Sunday at 10.30a.m.
For baptisms, weddings, funerals and interment of ashes, please contact one of the church wardens.
(See 'Organisation' section)


​St. Michael's link with Ripon Cathedral
​Canon Richard Cooper
​​Church Wardens 
Iris Alderson - Tel: 01765 677644
Peter Moss - Tel: 01765 450663
Glenys Gittings
Treasurer - Christine Curtis
Tel: 01765 603786
Secretary - Sandra Crawford Porter
Caretaker - Glenys Gittings

Sideperson rota
1st Sunday -   Glenys Gittings / Margaret Heywood
2nd Sunday -  Carol Edmonstone / Madeleine Staniland-Dixon
3rd Sunday -   Sylvia Grice / Anne Lancaster     
4th Sunday -   Margaret Plunkett / Yvonne Coupe
5th Sunday -   Nicola Routledge / Alvrea King

Services, events & activities​​​​

Services in May
5th          Canon Richard
12th       Revd Caitlin        
19th       Revd Martin Bull
26th       Michelle Dearlove

All services at 10.30a.m. and Holy Communion except for the 26th which is a Service of the Word.

Mothering Sunday
The Mothering Sunday service, which was taken by Canon Barry, was very well attended. The font was decorated with polyanthus and after the service all the ladies left with plants.
The Prayer Shawl Ministry at St. Michael's Church
Ladies from church gathered at the home of Sylvia Grice recently to continue their work for this venture. Canon Richard was invited to go along but, as you can see from the photo below, he is not a natural knitter! Sylvia had been busy baking again and provided a sumptuous spread of tea with sandwiches and a variety of desserts. Judith Steele sent me the following information about the group.

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry at St Michael’s Church in Littlethorpe began in 2012.

As often happens, good things flow from what seems at the time like disaster. I had severely broken my ankle and spent eight weeks in hospital in Harrogate and Ripon. During that time my friends in Littlethorpe and beyond were incredibly kind to me. Blessings flowed my way every day, including the day I was given the gift of a prayer shawl from friends I didn’t know from a church I didn’t know.

From that kind and loving gift from strangers I was encouraged to begin a Prayer Shawl Ministry at St Michael’s, but of course it needed the loving care and support of members of the congregation to bring it about. An appeal at a Sunday morning service for support was well received and our Prayer Shawl Knitting Circle began. Seven ladies joined the group and we began our work of knitting shawls. We met every few weeks to take our vision forward. Of course we needed other things too. Management of the venture and publicity about our work was also required.

Funding the venture was also forthcoming with donations from both the church as part of its annual charitable giving, and also from generous and kind individuals who saw value in the project.

One of the key tasks within our venture was to identify those within our community and beyond who might benefit from the gift of a prayer shawl. Roundabout and the village web site were helpful but in the end we relied greatly on word of mouth. And we still do!

The purpose of our work is to knit God’s love, care and warmth into shawls for those who we believe might need them. During the past seven years the Prayer Shawl Ministry at St Micheal’s Church has delivered 150 prayer shawls. They have been received by many in our locality, but many have also been sent far and wide of Ripon. Folk living in this country but also in Australia, Africa, America , France and Ireland and have received our shawls.

At St Michael’s Church we have on display a book of cards and letters sent to us over the years from thoughtful folk who have kindly written to thank us for their shawl. They are heartwarming messages which inspire us to continue the work of the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

If you would like to know more about St Michael’s Prayer Shawl Ministry, or you know of someone you think might enjoy receiving one of our Shawls please speak to our church wardens or indeed anyone in our knitting circle - that is Sylvia Grice, Glenys Gittings, Margaret Heywood, Ann Lancaster, Madeleine Staniland-Dixon and myself.

Samaritan's Purse Appeal 2019
This year, donating a shoe box will be even easier thanks to members of St. Michael's congregation. They will cover all the boxes themselves so that all you have to do is fill them. As always, they can be filled with items such as sponges, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pencil cases, crayons, in-date sweets, knitted hats and scarves etc. Sylvia Grice has made a start and has already covered several boxes. If you have any spare shoe boxes (standard size, not large ones) please give them to anyone at church so they can be covered in time for the appeal towards the end of the year.
Epiphany Sunday
At the Epiphany Sunday service, taken by Canon Richard, the three kings were placed in the stable along with their camels so they could offer their gifts to the baby Jesus.
Christmas Day
Every window sill in the porch was decorated with flowers to welcome worshippers to the Christmas Day service. The church was also resplendent with flowers and foliage, the Christmas tree and, of course, the stable which had pride of place in the choir. The service was taken by Canon Richard.
Santa Lucia Carol Service.
This year's Santa Lucia Carol Service proved as popular as ever and it was good to see new villagers joining the celebrations. Celeste Joussemet, who is 9 years old and lives near the potteries, was this year's Santa Lucia. She had five attendants - Ella Curtis, Rebecca Ryder, Tillie Jarman, Charlotte Perry and Marielle Joussemet. For the carol 'Away in a Manger', the children sang verses 1 and 2 on their own with children in the congregation being invited to join them in the choir stalls. After the service, there were mince pies, shortbread, cheese, punch, fruit juice and after dinner mints to be enjoyed. Eva Joussemet and Charlie Ryder, who both did readings, helped with the serving of mince pies.
The collection was taken in aid of Dementia Forward and the fantastic total of £224 was raised.
Advent Sunday
At the service on the first Sunday in Advent, St. Michael's began their time of preparation and waiting for the coming of the baby Jesus into the world at Christmas. Canon Richard took the service at which the first candle on the Advent ring was lit.
Samaritan's Purse
Twenty-nine shoe boxes and several teddies were collected by Ron with Iris Alderson and Glenys Gittings there to give a helping hand. The church committee would like to thank everyone who donated a box for their generosity.
We will remember them.
A full church, resplendent with poppies for Remembrance Day, enjoyed a wonderful service led by Canon Richard. Sylvia Grice organised the making of the poppies having got members of the congregation and friends to help her with the knitting. A wreath of poppies had been made to be placed in the Garden of Remembrance - see the photo of Sylvia Grice and Canon Richard below.
Samaritan's Purse
If you feel you could donate a shoe box for this year's appeal, forms are available from church. The boxes will be collected on Thursday 15th November so please deliver your box to church by Sunday 11th November.
Harvest Festival
The people who attended the harvest festival (which was conducted by Canon Richard) were in for a treat as the church was beautifully decorated once again. Gifts had been donated by worshippers, villagers and children from Appletrees Day Nursery. The children brought leaves they had made and one very young boy was obviously very proud of his as he wasn't too sure about leaving it at church! The talented ladies from church had, as they always do, used these donations to produce wonderful displays. Of course, the mice were there again and this year there was also a lovely corn dolly (see the photo below). 
From the Parish Registers: Holy Matrimony 8th September 2018
Rachel Goodier and James Nelson were married by Revd. Dan Sladden from Ripon Cathedral. Despite the rain, everyone was in good spirits and, after the service, the guests left for a tepee reception.

James' sister Irena with her son Cyrus who is James' godson.

From the Parish Registers: Holy Baptism 12th August 2018
Max Charlie Griffin is the son of Claire Greenough (whose family has lived in the village for years) and Craig Griffin. Max's great grandparents, Arthur and Margaret Lund, attended the service (many people will remember them) and also their daughter Janet who is Max’s grandma. The service was conducted by Canon Richard, his first baptism at St.Michael's and, as he pointed out, he was baptised in the same font a few years ago!  
Last Service
Revd. Kenneth Crossley took his last service at St. Michael's on Sunday 5th in front of a 40-strong congregation. His wish of not wanting a fuss was respected but church wardens Iris Alderson and Peter Moss presented him with a card and cheque to thank him for everything he has done for St. Michael's. His wife Ann also received a bouquet of flowers. The congregation received a piece of cake as they left and, on telling Ann they hoped to still see them, Ann was heard to say, "You're not getting rid of us as easily as that!" Ken and Ann will continue to worship at St. Michael's.
Ripon Community Poppy Project
Sylvia Grice organised the production of the poppies which were ready to be handed over to Ripon City Council on Sunday 8th July. Over 700 poppies were knitted or crocheted by members and friends of the church. The poppies were blessed by Nina Harrison before being taken outside where some of the ladies who made them gathered in the Garden of Remembrance. They were joined by a few other members of the congregation. Thank you to everyone who supported this project.
Brian Render
In memory of Brian Render who died at the end of May aged 91. He was a regular worshipper at St. Michael's and will be greatly missed by the congregation there.
Canon Richard's first Service at St. Michael's
The large congregation at St. Michael's was treated to a very entertaining service, on Sunday 17th June, given by Canon Richard Cooper. It was his first service at St. Michael's since becoming its new link with the Cathedral.
Welcome to Canon Richard Cooper
​Canon Richard Cooper is joining the set-up at St Michael's. He will be the church's link with the cathedral and will take one service every month with cathedral/retired clergy taking the rest. He will be available to give advice to the church wardens, do pastoral visiting, take communion to the sick and housebound and attend committee meetings. Canon Richard has written the following to introduce himself.
Wise-men say that it is not always a good thing to return to one’s roots and they may prove to be right. It is over 50 years ago that I left Littlethorpe and so the Village has changed and those that do remember me will be glad to hear that I have changed too!
The Coopers came in 1946 to the newly built Wycke Cottage (now Lodge) and my parents would be the last to leave in 1970. The Church was an important part of our lives, both Ruth and I were baptised here, father was a sidesman, mother did the flowers and cleaned the brass and Robin and I sang in the choir. It was a very happy childhood and a great place in which to be brought up.

After Ripon Grammar School and a ‘year out’ doing various jobs, I was accepted for Training for the Ministry. I took a degree in English and Religious Studies at Leeds University and then went on to the College of the Resurrection at Mirfield to complete my Ordination Training. In 1971 I was ordained in Ripon Cathedral by Bishop John Moorman.
​I have spent all my life and ministry in the old Diocese of Ripon, mostly in the north, retiring in 2009 as the Rector of Richmond.  In 1997 I was appointed an Honorary Canon of the Cathedral and in 2003 I had the honour of being appointed Chaplain to The Queen, a post I held until 2016 when at the age of 70 I had to retire.

When the Dean asked me, now that we live in Ripon, if I would consider being the link person between the Cathedral and St.Michael’s I was delighted. The Dean wishes the Services to continue to be conducted on a rota, of which I shall be a regular member, but I am also here to support the churchwardens and congregation as well.
It was the poet T.S.Eliot who wrote – ‘My end is my beginning’. Littlethorpe was a good place to start and will be a good place to end. I look forward to meeting new friends where once there were so many.
​With the best of wishes,
Richard Cooper

Wedding of Jeremy Banyard
​Jeremy married Katie Kay on Saturday 28th April with the service being conducted by Revd. Kenneth Crossley.
​The Swan

Cob or pen, it matters not
Whether it be a cock or a hen,
White and clean they glide
Over the waters smooth and serene.
A neck turned so graceful
With wings tucked so neat,
Theirs is the manor
And the royal retreat.
A swan gives the heart a glow
It shows a man the way to go:
A pair make the sign of the heart
Once seen they will never part.
To know a swan is to love a swan
They are cared for by royalty
A swan in your life is a joy to behold
Your life will be fully complete.

​The church looked particularly splendid for the well-attended Easter Day service (conducted by Revd. Kenneth Crossley - organist Ken Ridley) with flower arrangements by Nicky Routledge, Judith Steele, Glenys Gittings, Elizabeth Thompson, Karen Gill, Margaret Heywood and Carol Edmonstone - even the porch was decorated. The Easter celebrations began on Palm Sunday, with a service led by Canon Barry Pike, and finished today with everyone receiving Easter eggs as they left.