​St. Michael's Church

Welcome to St. Michael & All Angels

Holy Eucharist is held every Sunday at 10.30a.m.
For baptisms, weddings, funerals and interment of ashes, please contact one of the church wardens.
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Church Wardens 
Iris Alderson - Tel: 01765 677644
Peter Moss - Tel: 01765 450663
Treasurer - Christine Curtis
Tel: 01765 603786
Secretary - Sandra Crawford Porter
Caretaker - Glenys Gittings​​
Sideperson rota
1st Sunday -   Glenys Gittings / Anne Crossley 
2nd Sunday -  Carol Edmonstone / Valerie Williams
3rd Sunday -   Sylvia Grice / Anne Lancaster     
4th Sunday -   Margaret Plunkett / Yvonne Coupe
5th Sunday -   Margaret Heywood / Nicola Routledge
Glenys Gittings

Services, events & activities​​

Lent Project 2018
​​Last year, St. Michael's supported the Red Cross as its Lent Project and this year's chosen charity is the Children's Society.
​The Children's Society says:
"Our colletion box scheme is one of our most powerful legacies and is one of the simplest and easiest ways that people of all ages choose to support us."
​If you would like to support the church in this venture, collection boxes are available from anyone at St. Michael's.
Service Rota for February

Feb 4      Holy Eucharist - 10.30a.m. - Rev. Ken Crossley
Feb 11   Holy Eucharist - 10.30a.m. - Canon Wendy Wilby
​Feb 18   Holy Eucharist - 10.30a.m. - Rev. Martin Bull
​Feb 25   Holy Eucharist - 10.30a.m. - Canon Barry Pike

​Ready for Christmas
​St. Michael's was looking wonderful in the run-up to Christmas with the stable awaiting the arrival of the baby Jesus on Christmas Day and the advent ring with one more candle to be lit. (The crib will be blessed on Christmas Day at the 10.30a.m. service.) The beautiful altar flowers were arranged by Liz Tite and the church was also displaying its latest additions - new cushions. The red pew cushions were donated in memory of Sandra Moss and the blue altar kneeling cushions were donated in memory of Nicholas, the son of Judith and Tom Steele.     
Santa Lucia Carol Service
​Lots of people gathered in St. Michael's for the annual Santa Lucia Carol Service and I am reliably informed that a new record may have been set - 3 sets of twins attended!
Eva Joussemet was this year's Santa Lucia and she and her attendants looked lovely. The service consisted of carols and readings with the children singing the first verse of 'Away in a Manger' on their own. The readers were Bill Richardson, Margaret Plunkett, Sylvia Grice, Jacob Ryder, Roly Curtis, Margaret Lloyd-Hughes and Rev. Ken Crossley. Afterwards, there were mince pies, chocolates and gluhwein (German mulled wine). Read the comments on the 'Guestbook' page.
Samaritan's Purse
The shoe boxes for this appeal were collected today (16th) and, although there weren't as many donations as last year, a good number are now on their way to underprivileged children. The Church Committee would like to thank everyone for their generosity.
Remembrance Service
​At the Remembrance Service, Brian Render (who will be 91 later this year) read the citation. He is pictured below with some of the younger members of the congregation.
Samaritan's Purse
​If you feel you would like to support this worthwhile cause and fill a shoebox (woolly and other items of clothing, small ‘safe’ toys, crayons, pencils and other educational things would all be highly acceptable), you will need a leaflet giving you detailed instructions on how to fill and return your box. These leaflets will be available in church from tomorrow morning (8th) so, if you don't go to church, just pop along before or after the service to get one. The filled shoe boxes need to back at church for the 1st week in November. If you are unable to get to church but would like to take part, just contact one of the church wardens.
​​Harvest Festival
​It all began on Friday morning when gifts began to arrive and the church was visited by children from Appletrees Day Nursery. They brought food items, plants in wellies (see photo below) and art work. Each child was lifted up to place an item of fruit in the basket on the the font, they were shown round the church by Iris Alderson (Church Warden) and left with a dough mouse each and a mouse story book for the nursery. 
A delightful and unexpected event occurred this morning at St Michael's Church in Littlethorpe. The Church was being prepared for Harvest Festival   So, armed with flowers, foliage and other essentials I entered what I thought would be a quiet church.  It was, but what I saw gave me such pleasure and delight. Sitting in a semi circle in front of the choir stalls were eleven of mthe most delightful small children, dressed beautifully and listening quietly to their carers from AppleTree Nursery on Pottery Lane. The staff were talking to the children about the Church and the Harvest Festival they had come to support.

But it was not long before these kids found their feet, and began to explore. Small boys and girls, all under four years old, scampered like little mice into the choir stalls, up to the altar, round the pews and then to the font. There they listened again to the dedicated nursery staff who this time invited each child to place a piece of fruit in a basket placed with decorative style on top of the font to be seen by all who enter Church for the Harvest Festival Service on Sunday.  

The children had brought other gifts too. A line of tiny Wellington boots each filled with a flowering Pansy plant rested against the wall in the entrance to the church, and at the side of which was stacked a multitude of assorted tins of food, all given with thought and care.

Eventually it was time for them all to leave, each child clutching a gift from the Church of a salt dough harvest mouse. But what a blessing it was for me to share smiles and happiness with this delightful little crowd of tomorrows adults. I hope, as I certainly will, that these beautiful children will remember the day they brought their Harvest Festival gifts to St Michael's Church - and be glad.

Judith Steele

​​On Saturday morning, more gifts arrived with the ladies out in force decorating the church and, when they had finished, it looked beautiful. Finally, on Sunday morning, the church was packed for the service which was taken by Rev. Ken Crossley.​ The tins will go to the Salvation Army food bank and the fresh produce to the elderly. Read the comments on the 'Guestbook' page.
Trevor Retires
​Father Trevor gave his last service at St. Michael's today (25th) to a packed church. He was given gifts which included an album of photos and cards from churchgoers and villagers and a specially designed candle and a cheque which were presented to him by church wardens Iris Alderson and Peter Moss. Following the service, there was a buffet lunch, in the village hall, provided by members of the congregation and villagers to which the Dean of Ripon came. A special cake had been made which, along with a variety of other gifts, had a Burnley theme. Roly Curtis (Littlethorpe's Poet Laureate!) recited one of his now famous poems then gave Trevor a framed Burnley shirt signed by all the players. Other gifts included a Burnley hoodie, a Burnley pen and a photo album of memories of St. Michael's. Trevor's fiancee, Jennifer, also received flowers. It was a lovely occasion and, hopefully, one which Trevor will remember for a long time to come. All the best Trevor! Read the comment on the 'Guestbook' page.  
Good Friday Children's Project​​
Thanks to everyone who helped make it another happy and successful venture. It got off to a slow start but children – and parents – eventually rolled up!  There were many and varied activities – including Easter card decoration, Easter egg painting and decorating, frieze colouring, Easter gardens – and even a pin the tail on the Palm Sunday donkey!! Hot cross buns, orange juice, tea and coffee were served after a short service led by Fr Trevor,  Grateful thanks to all who contributed in so many ways – and to Sylvia who once again supplied us with her usual splendid baking!
Easter Day
​Following the Easter Day Eucharist service, the egg rolling competition went ahead as planned despite the rain. Peter Moss had set up his egg rolling ramp, everyone got wet but the Ryder family won't mind as all 3 Ryder children won prizes with Jacob finishing in second place.
Good Friday
​Children, parents and helpers all gathered in the village hall for an afternoon of Easter activities. There were decorated eggs, colouring, pressed flower cards, miniature gardens, sewing and pin the tail on the donkey. Trevor Vaughan told a short story and said prayers before the afternoon concluded with cakes and drinks.
Palm Sunday
​The congregation gathered in the Garden of Remembrance to be given palm crosses then hear Trevor tell the story of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and receive the blessing. This was followed by a procession around the church singing as they went. 
​On 26th March, St. Michael's celebrated two events - Mothering Sunday and a 90th birthday. Elizabeth Thompson, who isn't very well at the moment, still prepared primula plants which were given to the ladies in recognition of Mothering Sunday with Daniel and Kate Gray helping Fr. Trevor to hand them out. Frances Demain's 90th birthday (today) was celebrated with the singing of her favourite hymn , Angel-voices ever singing, and she also received a bunch of daffodils from Liz and Richard Tite - from their garden, of course. Happy Birthday, Frances. 
From the Registers
March 10th Amy Louisa Scott
​May she rest in peace and rise in glory    
There will be no Lent Course this year. Instead, however, I hope to use the period of Lent to train any adult who wishes to be confirmed. Please contact me if you are interested. Fr  Trevor.
Our Lent giving this year will be towards the work of the Red Cross. Please do take a box from church and return it on Easter Day. Our thanks in anticipation.
Plough Sunday
Plough Sunday was celebrated at St Michael`s Church on 15th January.  William Dale and Paul Hutchinson were thanked for the loan and transport of the plough.

​The Dale family with Christopher Orme

​William & Diana Dale

Feast of the Epiphany
The visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus was celebrated at the Feast of the Epiphany service with a stable built by Joan Harker's father. Despite being a plumber by trade, Joan's father spent many hours in his shed building this lovely stable. Joan has fond memories of him shouting, "Can you just come and hold this?" or "Can you come and plait some straw?" At the time, Joan was in her late teens and a Sunday School Teacher at St. Michael's. She has a memory of a Commander Bell donating the figures and some of the animals and the thatched roof has been repaired several times over the years. During the rest of the year, the stable is stored at Littlethorpe Manor.